Monday, January 27, 2014

Comparison Post: Guerlain Rouge Automatique in Shalimar, Reflex, and Attrape-Coeur

Ever since Guerlain released Attrape-Coeur Rouge Automatique for spring, I've been drooling over it and finally decided to push the button. (Oh, alright, maybe it didn't take that much agonizing...) Once I received it, I realized that, like many other beauty aficionados, I tend to focus on certain types of shades (in my case: peaches, corals, and pinks), so I was afraid that the RAs I'd collected were too similar. Thus, a swatch-a-thon!

This is how they look in the tubes. At first glance, Attrape-Coeur and Reflex seem very similar, and Shalimar seems darkest. However, this is a lie.

When I swatched them next to each other, it was apparent that the newer RAs, Attrape-Coeur and Reflex, were far more pigmented than Shalimar (Reflex most of all!). These photos show Shalimar after three swipes whereas the others I only had to swipe once to achieve this level of opacity. Shalimar also has more of a clear base while Attrape-Coeur and Reflex sit on more of a white base. This is fatal to some's lemmings, but for me, I can tolerate somewhat of a white base in order to keep colors clear on my pigmented lips. Reflex is a slightly cooler, more fuschia/red pink whereas Attrape-Coeur is a corally pink, so they do indeed differ enough for me to keep both.

Here they are in different degrees of lighting, all indoor, however.

Hope this was helpful as you decide whether or not to splurge on Guerlain's Spring 2014 collection. :)


  1. Since I have and love Attrape Couer, this post is telling me to get Shalimar. Great swatches!

    1. You honestly can't go wrong with any of the RAs, IMO!

  2. This is convincing me that I really don't need Attrape-Coeur, nice swatches!!!

  3. If Attrape-Coeur looks like what it does in the second photo, I am so getting it! I love warm corally pinks.

    It's interesting how clear lipstick colours work better on you. I also have very pigmented berry/mauve-y lips, and I definitely prefer white-based shades. Clear colours tend to all pull red/fuschia on me :(