Sunday, February 9, 2014

Catrice Eyeshadow Swatches

Thanks to the generosity of a dear friend, I was able to get my grubby little paws on some Catrice eyeshadow singles. I'd heard a lot about the brand across the internet, but as it's not sold in the US, hadn't had a chance to try until some international swappage occurred. :) This post serves mostly to document the shades and how they appear on my skin for future reference.

In order from left to right they are:

I Like To Mauve It
Saw It On Blue Tube
Don't Touch My Mosserati
Fancy A Coppa Tea
Starlight Espresso
My First Copperware Party
Carrots of the Caribbean
Oh, It's Toffeeful!
C'mon Chameleon
John Lemon

The pictures don't do justice to the duochrome C'mon Chameleon, which is a dupe for MAC Club. I've also heard said that Oh, It's Toffeeful is a dupe for the cult favorite Burberry Pale Barley, but I haven't tried the latter personally, so I can't attest to the truth of that statement. It is definitely a workhorse neutral lid shade, however, but would better suit those lighter in skintone than I, IMHO. The biggest standout to me is Starlight Espresso, which is a smooth grey matte that I definitely need to try as a "crease" (my crease and contour are not one and the same; I'm specifically referencing the lid fold here) shade sometime.


  1. What a pretty lot of them you have! I wish we had Catrice here, too. What is the overall quality of the shadows? The colors are really very pretty!!

    1. I would say they are pretty good: slightly powdery/possibility for fallout but smooth, decent pigmentation. Definitely not my favorites (among which I have TF$, Suqqu, RBR), but very usable! Of course, I still need to try THREE. :P

  2. You make me feel guilty, since I rarely give love to my Catrice eyeshadows... I need to use them again, son. I totally love C'mon Chameleon, and I agree a swatch doesn't show the complexity of the shade: looks one shade in the pan, another swatched and totally different applied... it even changes if you change the shade you're pairing it with.

    At least on me, It's oh so Toffeeful is lighter and more golden than Pale Barley, so I can't see them as dupes... I guess it also has something to do with my skintone -it might pull different undertones on those 2.

    1. Aw, don't feel guilty, dear! We all need to shop our stashes every once in a while, and I haven't given any love to my Shi in a long time.

      You are probably right since I haven't used Pale Barley before, but I should! Wish we had Burberry around here.

  3. Gorgeous swatches! I should do the same and showcase my collection. :)